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Stuworld is different

Stuworld aims to offer good, affordable living space in a new and accessible way plus attractive extras to students from home and abroad, starters and expats. At Stuworld you can easily and beneficially arrange your living space, insurance and the layout of your room, studio or apartment.

Rent for free

Register and respond unlimited to living space at Stuworld its 100% free! As a landlord, you offer your living space for free, in addition, the management can be outsourced to Stuworld. Read more about management by Stuworld.

How does renting with Stuworld work?

Signing up at Stuworld is free for tenants and landlords. As a landlord you can offer an unlimited number of homes for free. As a tenant you will respond to rental properties that you find attractive. Your comment will be sent automatically by email to the landlord. Then the landlord will contact you. Simple, right? Sign up now for free.

The best discounts with your Stucard

Stuworld works together with the best partners. Do you want to take advantage of discounts that you really care about? Order your personal Stucard directly!

Stuworld housing projects

In cooperation with Stuproject, Stuworld realizes new construction projects in various cities for a broad target group. Check out the overview here.

Stuworld in the media

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