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140 studio’s & 88 appartementen


Nijmegen is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. The city center offers plenty of shopping areas and restaurants. The outdoor area has many recreational opportunities in the various nature areas. You can study in Nijmegen at the Radboud University or at the HAN. However, suitable living space is less easy in Nijmegen. That is why Stuworld realizes 228 independent new-build studios in Nijmegen.


At the Genestetlaan in Nijmegen, Stuworld realizes 228 independent studios and apartments for all target groups. The Genestetlaan is at a glance 1000 meters away from the main train station. In 2 opposite buildings on an enclosed plot with a spacious courtyard garden, 140 studios and 88 spacious apartments have been completed and finished in a high-graded manner. The delivery will take place around October 1, 2017. The studios are sized from 28 to 38 square meters, the apartments range in size from 41 square meters to 125 square meters. The complex has its own laundry room (at a discounted rate), bicycle storage room, communal outdoor area and 150 covered indoor parking spaces in its own enclosed area, which can be rented separately. Furthermore, the complex has an electronic access control system. There is an elevator in the building.  

The Studios

All studios feature a private luxury kitchen equipped with built-in appliances and a bathroom with hanging toilet, sink and shower with a glass wall. Furthermore, all studios have central heating, fiber optic internet connection and an intercom system. Residents of the studios can use the laundry room at an extra cost. Some studios have a balcony. The studios are delivered with white finished walls, floor and window frames and are therefore ready to move in.

The apartments

All apartments have 2 room (living room and bedroom) apartments and have their own luxurious kitchen, equipped with built-in appliances and a bathroom with sink and shower with a glass wall. In the hallway there’s a toilet with a fountain. The apartments have a spacious bedroom. Furthermore, all apartments have central heating, fiber optic internet connection and an intercom system. Unlike the studios, the apartments have the possibility of connecting a washing machine and dryer but, if desired, the laundry room can also be used for an additional charge. Some apartments have a balcony or private outdoor area. The apartments are delivered with white finished walls and are therefore ready to move in.



The studios all have a rent of € 722,14 per month excluding service costs. The apartments vary depending on the area of € 813.46 bare rent up to an amount of € 1253.00 for the largest residences.

Service costs

In addition to the rental price, all residences in the building are subject to a surcharge in the form of an advance payment on the service costs. The amount of the advance payment for service costs is € 30, - per month. For the studios, a fee of € 21,10 per month will be added for the upholstery. Once a year, the actual costs are deducted from this advance payment. In this amount are processed:

  • Gas, water and electricity for the common areas,
  • Cleaning costs for the common areas,
  • Garden maintenance and housekeeper,

Additional costs

You must take into account the municipal taxes that you have to pay as a resident of Nijmegen (look for the rates on the website of the municipality of Nijmegen). You also need to conclude an electricity contract, heat and water supply with a supplier for your home. The costs for this are variable and depending on your own consumption. There is also a laundry room in the building. The laundry costs are €17,- per month. 

Parking area

The complex also has 150 parking spaces on enclosed and covered grounds. The rent of a parking space is optional and amounts to € 52,76, - per month per parking space. Rental of multiple parking spaces for multiple cars or motorcycles is possible.

Rental allowance

For the studios of € 722,14, -, rent allowance can be requested from 23 years of age. Not on all other homes. When you perform a test calculation on the Tax Service website, please take into account the limitation of the types of service costs you may specify there. For this project, you can only provide 15 euros for service costs. For more information on rent allowance, please refer to the Tax Service website. For a trial calculation we do not yet provide a subdivision of service costs as it is an advance payment and the actual costs are not yet known. More information on rent allowance can be found on the Tax Service website.


To qualify as a tenant for a house at the Genestetlaan we set a number of conditions:

  • You must have a gross monthly income of at least 2 times the bare monthly rent (excluding service costs). Receiving a student grant / loan counts as income.
  • Cohabitation is allowed,
  • If you have no or insufficient income from work, a guarantee with a copy of an identity document of your parents / caregivers will suffice, if you are a student. Please note that we require proof of income from your parents of at least 3.5 times the bare rent per month
  • We reserve the right to reject candidates without giving reasons,
  • The minimum rental period of a studio is 12 months,
  • Sublease is not allowed and actively checked.