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88 appartementen & 17 studio's


Utrecht is a city with a number of very good colleges, including Utrecht College and the HKU, and of course the Utrecht University. In addition to being a (international) student city, Utrecht is a city with a strong cultural character that will make you feel at home right away!


Living on the Amazonedreef means living in the green and spacious neighborhood Overvecht in the city of Utrecht. Overvecht offers many amenities: several parks, a wide range of elementary schools, a large neighborhood shopping center, a library, a private train station and a district office. Also in sports and cultural areas, Overvecht offers many possibilities with De Kwakel swimming pool, De Vechtsebanen skating rink and the large recreation area Ruigenhoek around the corner. 

The Residences

In May 2015, a magnificent project was completed on the Amazonedreef, consisting of 17 1-room (studios) and 88 2.3 and 4-room apartments + 5 commercial areas. The Amazonedreef is located in district Utrecht Overvecht and 10 minutes from Overvecht’s train station. The complex consists of studios from 38m2 and apartments from 58m2. It has an indoor bicycle storage and parking garage and is equipped with an electronic access control system. All homes have their own loggia or outdoor space. There is an elevator in the building. 

Rental rates

The studios from 38m2 have a rent from € 678,67 and prices vary depending on the studio surface area. The apartments start at a rent from € 897,50.

Service costs

In addition to the basic rent, all residences in the building are subject to a surcharge in the form of a service charge of € 50,00. In this amount are processed:

• Gas, water and electricity for the common areas,

• Cleaning costs for the common areas,

Additional costs

You must take into account the municipal taxes that you must pay as a resident of Utrecht. In some cases, you can qualify for (partial) remission of that tax (see the rates and conditions on the website of the municipality of Utrecht). In addition, the homes are fully independent and you must ensure a supply agreement of Water, Gas and Electricity for your own home.

Parking area

The complex also has 80 parking spaces in its own enclosed private ground. The rent of a parking space is optional and amounts to € 50, - per month per parking space. Rental of multiple parking spaces for multiple cars or motorcycles is possible.

Rental allowance

On the homes up to a bare rent of € 710.68, rent allowance can be requested from 23 years of age. Not on all other homes. For more information on the rent allowance, we refer you to the Tax Service website. For a trial calculation we do not yet provide a subdivision of service costs as it is an advance payment and the actual costs are not yet known. More information on rent allowance can be found on the Tax Service website.


To qualify as a tenant for a home we propose a number of conditions:

  • You must have a gross monthly income of at least 2 times the bare monthly rent (excluding service costs). Receiving a student grant / loan does not count as income.
  • If you have no or insufficient income from work, a guarantee with a copy of an identity document of your parents / caregivers will suffice, if you are a student. Please note that we require proof of income from your parents of at least 3.5 times the bare rent per month.
  • Cohabitation is allowed for residents who maintain a lasting relationship, the lowest and second income of both of you in the above calculation then only counts as half.
  • We ask for documentation to demonstrate that you can meet the required requirements and conditions. In addition, we ask you as a candidate tenant and the potential guarantor to provide a copy of ID, proof of income in the form of 3 consecutive salary specifications or an annual account, proof of deposit of this income on a bank account and a BRP (Basic Registration Persons) extract of your current residential address,
  • In some cases, a 2-month security deposit can be calculated,
  • We reserve the right to reject candidates without giving reasons,
  • The minimum rental period of a property is 12 months,
  • Sublease is not allowed and actively checked.